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Master rebuild and change check list

Posted by Simon Cho on 02/23/2012

Master DB rebuild and change check list

  1. backup login script
  2. backup linked server script
  3. Detach databases.
  4. Master rebuild whatever option
  5. When you rebuild or attach master DB, you should know about sa password from original instance.
  6. SQL service pack update if different version.
  7. Attach databases
    • If you move master database from other service, you should drop unnecessary databases.
  8. run #1 login script only for necessary account(s).
  9. change sa password if you want
  10. change master key with force option

  11. change server name

    use master
    declare @srvname varchar(255), @new_srvname varchar(255)
    set @srvname = @@servername
    set @new_srvname = 'new hostname'    --your computer hostname
    exec sp_dropserver @srvname
    exec sp_addserver @new_srvname, local
  12. change server option if you want to change : sp_configure
    • min max memory
    • ad hoc query
    • e.t.c.

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