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SSIS Catalog Execution with T-SQL

Posted by Simon Cho on 06/10/2016

I create one SP to execute SSIS Catalog using T-SQL.

It sometimes helps to execute SSIS package dynamically.

Full script download link.


exec [dbo].[USP_EXEC_SSIS_Catalog]
@folder_name NVARCHAR(128)
, @project_name NVARCHAR(128)
, @package_name NVARCHAR(260)
, @Multi_CustomValue VARCHAR(MAX)= NULL –“<ParamName>|#|<ParamValue>|##|<ParamName>|#|<ParamValue>… Ex. “SyncBack_Period_DD|#|-14|##|BackupFolder|#|X:\Test”
, @reference_id BIGINT = NULL
, @use32bitruntime BIT = 0
, @execution_id BIGINT = NULL OUTPUT

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