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AG Listener setting

Posted by Simon Cho on 12/02/2016



Read-only routing refers to the ability of SQL Server to route incoming connections to an availability group listener to a secondary replica that is configured to allow read-only workloads. An incoming connection referencing an availability group listener name can automatically be routed to a read-only replica if the following are true:

  • At least one secondary replica is set to read-only access, and each read-only secondary replica and the primary replica are configured to support read-only routing. For more information, see To Configure Availability Replicas for Read-Only Routing, later in this section.
  • The connection string references an availability group listener, and the application intent of the incoming connection is set to read-only (for example, by using the Application Intent=ReadOnly keyword in the ODBC or OLEDB connection strings or connection attributes or properties). For more information, see Read-Only Application Intent and Read-Only Routing, later in this section.

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