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PASS Summit 2019 – Database CICD (Simon Cho)

Posted by Simon Cho on 11/08/2019

This is honor to speak at SQL PASS Summit 2019
Please come in the session at 11AM, 11/8 Fri. Room: 608

Here are the detail information.

Presentation download is here.
Git Repository :

10 years ago, DBAs typically maintained a few critical databases. These days, it’s not strange anymore that a DBA maintains several hundred databases. Without automation CICD pipeline, a DBA would be the bottleneck for the faster deployment. Industry pretty much required who has the ability to automation of database deployment and operation. This session will delivery the automation of database operation including deployment and design and architecture of environment.Prerequisites: Who has Database deployment experience.

Simon Cho is one of the founders of, which is a Los Angeles Korean Tech PASS community group. As a Local Group leader, he is a Microsoft SQL community speaker. He has presented many times at SQLSaturdays and to PASS Local Groups. In the past, he lead a database team and managed hundreds of SQL Servers and DWs on VM environment in the gaming industry in Nexon America. He moved his passion to VISA Inc, the largest credit card provider in the world, where he used database technology to build a strong solution and a secure environment, with new strategies and features to maintain thousands of SQL Servers. He has now joined the Nowcom Corp, as a Director of DevOps, where he leads the DevOps team and DBA team.

General Session (75 minutes):

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    Database CICD (Continuous Integration and Deployment) – Simon Cho

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